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Team up with champion fighter Joe Warren, Emmy-Winning Sports Director Mike Roth, and one of the innovative fight leagues in mixed martial arts.

The Battleground Combat League - BCL - organizes and produces live, high quality combat sporting event content for sale to both television broadcasters and digital streaming sports platforms. We will also look to leverage a Pay Per View revenue share. Battleground intends to resell its content to several different platforms both domestically and  internationally in order to maximize its profit. In addition to the event schedule, BCL will produce Feature Stories on our athletes and behind the scenes videos to add to our program content. By building a large and constantly expanding content library the company will have a consistent revenue model that will grow exponentially each year.

The company is exploring the creation of the Battleground App to connect directly to its audience. We will stream all the content we produce for our live events, and give subscribers access to even more, real time, behind the scenes look-in’s during fights. In addition to our fanbase, the App can be used as a valuable scouting tool for the athletes. This new App Feature should add a significant revenue stream to the company.

One of the things that makes Battleground unique to other combat sports competition is our “Team Concept” which will consist of both male and female athletes. In addition to the Team Events, we will also feature 8-man bracket tournaments, Super Fights featuring two top competitors in each combat sport as well as our Legend Fight Series which will showcase some of the top former World Champions in MMA.

Combat Sports are one of the fastest growing sectors for both spectators and participation in the world.

  • Global MMA is the World’s 3rd most popular sport with an audience of approximately 451 million people as reported by Nielsen Sports DNA Dec. 2018 just behind soccer and basketball

  • Top 10 MMA Countries with the largest fanbase in order - USA, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, UK, Canada, Netherlands, South Korea, Japan and Australia

  • Fan base is 75% Male and 25% Female

  • MMA and Grappling fans are mainly made up of young multicultural men ages 21-34

  • 25% of males 21-34 are MMA Fans (USA only)15% of the U.S. population has some interest in MMA- approximately 50 million people

  • It is estimated that more than 6 million Americans are active participants in a combat sport

  • 78% of Combat Sport Fans watched events Online in the last month

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