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Kody Mommaerts, more commonly known as ‘Big Mo’ is an all-around entertainer and entrepreneur. Big Mo is most notably known for being the youngest and fastest-growing ring announcer in the world for combat sports. 

At just 25 years old Big Mo has become one of the most followed ring announcers on the planet and has received multiple awards for his work. Big Mo has also done extensive work as an actor, on-air personality, commentator, and emcee. 


In just 2 years of announcing combat sports, Big Mo has worked for numerous promotions, announcing a variety of fighting disciplines. He was named the ‘2019 Ring Announcer on the Rise’ by the Scrap News…Which he then won again the very next year being named the ‘2020 Ring Announcer on the Rise’. In both years he beat out 6 other announcers representing various promotions like Showtime, Premier Boxing Champions, and LFA. Big Mo announced the very first Bare-Knuckle MMA fight, as well as the first Lethwei fight in North America. 


Prior to his career in entertainment, Kody played Division 1 football at the University of Northern Colorado, where he was also an award-winning student at the Montfort College of Business. Kody graduated early with his bachelor’s degree in Business-Marketing, and then became the first Full-Time MBA recipient in the school’s history.


Kody currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

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