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Mike produced the in-house feed for UFC for several seasons in the early days and will use that experience to help build the Battleground brand and make it a leader in the space.

He has won multiple Emmy Awards, an ACE Award, a National Association of Television and Film Chairman’s Award, and a New York Film Festival Special Events Award.

Mike’s experience with start-ups is vast.  In 2001 he was the lead broadcast consultant for the Women’s United Soccer Association (WUSA) and spent 3 years overseeing the league’s television package on PAX, Turner and ESPN.  He started working with CrossFit in 2011 and helped them make the jump from garage gyms to ESPN and then CBS.  From 2014-16 he served as the National Pro Grid League’s (NPGL) Chief Broadcast Consultant and directed their matches on NBC.  Mike helped launch the Drone Racing League in 2015, and the quality of their productions helped them land a broadcast deal with NBC.  At the Pyang Chang Olympics in 2018, Mike produced the first ever Virtual Reality feed of a Winter Olympics for Intel and Olympic Broadcasting Services.

Over 35+ years in sports broadcasting, Mike has worked on Olympics, Stanley Cup Finals, NCAA Final Fours, MLS and WUSA Championship games, Indy 500’s, Daytona 500’s, the Monaco Grand Prix, Men’s and Women’s Soccer World Cups and a litany of events, large and small, all over the world.

Mike has spent the past 27 seasons producing and directing NHL games.  He worked for ESPN, OLN, FOX, the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Phoenix Coyotes, the Carolina Hurricanes and the St. Louis Blues.  

Music plays a big part in Mike’s life and career as well.  In 2015 he directed at the Life is Beautiful festival, and since March of 2020, has directed many live streams of artists like Keller Williams, Galactic, the Wood Brothers and others.

When Mike is not working he can be found hanging out with his wife, Susan, and 2 daughters, Chloe and Stella, or listening to the Grateful Dead.

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